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More Maple Treats

Enjoy that wonderful maple flavor in more ways than you might have imagined. We offer deliciousness in maple butter, spreads, candies, and sugar. Mmmmm.

Don't forget to check out our own recipes, or buy a copy of the Cookbook!

Maple Butter Cream

Maple butter cream on homemade biscuits.... yum!

Gift Packages

Order a Gift Package! Perfect for birthdays, weddings, and holidays. Order four (4) or more items to be shipped to a single address, and take 5% off your total price (does not apply to our wholesale pricelist).

We’re looking into using a special wooden box for our Gift Packages. Watch this space!

Volume Discounts

for wholesalers, B&Bs, restaurants, stores, and more

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Maple Butter Cream is created by adding some butter to our maple cream, made by boiling down maple syrup to a cream consistency.  It can be enjoyed on toast bagels, English muffins or straight out of the container. Numerous customers have told us that this is a taste "to die for." (It's our webmistress's favorite! )

1 tub 2 tubs Case of 6
10 oz. $18.00 $29.00 $72.00
5 lbs. $65.00 $110.00 call for pricing

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Maple Candies

How sweet it is! Our Maple Candy is the real deal, and not some blend of sugar and maple. This unique treasure from nature is made by boiling down pure Vermont Maple Syrup to a creamy, crystallized consistency then pouring it into candy molds just before it cools and sets up. It is the perfect gift for the maple lover on your gift list, or an old-fashioned Vermont treat for your family.

Try Maple Sugar to bring the flavor of maple to your baking!

Maple Sugar Leaves

Some of our favorite treats: the crystallized meltaway sweetness of maple sugar. Choose the large leaf (1 in a box) or the small leaves (a dozen in a box) or the special package with 4 different shapes—delicious! We recommended ordering an extra package to share with a friend.

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Maple Sugar Candy Leaf
1 box 2 box Case of 6
Maple sugar leaves and ornamental shapes 4 mini leaves 1 delicious leaf
A Dozen Small Leaves
(4 oz., 12 pieces in box)
$18.00 $32.00 $79.00
Ornamental Shapes
(4 pieces in a box)
$8.00 $12.00 $29.00
One Large Leaf
(1.5 oz.)
$8.00 $12.00 $29.00

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Maple Sugar

Maple Sugars

Granulated sugar made from pure maple syrup. This is a perfect complement to the breakfast table. Great on toast, oatmeal and just about anything else. Try it with cinnamon for a new twist on an old favorite!

1 jar Case of 6
2.8 oz. $7.00 $30.00
6 oz. $10.00 $50.00
12 oz. $15.00 $80.00
5 lb. bag $78.00  

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The Field Farm
P.O. Box 124, East Middlebury, Vermont, 05740, U.S.A.
Tel/Fax 802-388-7575 / Toll Free 1-888-320-6323
E-mail: sales@

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