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Maple Syrup

A unique flavor! We have immense respect for the maple tradition. From the gathering of the sap, through the boiling stage, right to the bottling, we work to ensure that 100% of the pure Vermont maple products that we sell are of superior quality.

Choose large containers for restaurants or B&B kitchens; select the smaller ones for country stores, wedding favors, and more. We have our own recipes, or buy the cookbook.

Gift Packages

Order a Gift Package! Perfect for birthdays, weddings, and holidays. Order four (4) or more items to be shipped to a single address, and take 5% off your total price (does not apply to our wholesale pricelist).

We’re looking into using a special wooden box for our Gift Packages. Watch this space!

Volume Discounts

for wholesalers, B&Bs, restaurants, stores, and more

Call us at (888) 320-6323 to find out more about volume discounts and wholesale pricing.

Plastic Jug

Regular Jug
3.4 oz. — $8
1/2 pint — $14
1 pint — $23
1 quart — $33
1/2 gallon — $43
1 gallon — $63

Quart and Pint square tins

1/2 pint — $15
1 pint — $24
1 quart — $34

Single Servings

Mini jug for single servings

Mini Jugs
Our minis contain 1.36 ounces of delicious real Vermont maple syrup. These are just right for single servings, gifts items, promotions, and kids. The container is #2 HDPE recyclable plastic. Sold in bulk orders only. Prices include shipping in the USA.
10 jugs — $20
50 jugs — $90
100 jugs — $170
200 jugs — $320

These can be added to gift baskets, too.

Syrup Grades

  • Golden Delicate - Light amber color, delicate, mild maple flavor. (Similar to the grade "Fancy", no longer used as a category)
  • Amber Rich - Medium amber color, more pronounced maple flavor. Very popular as table syrup. (Similar to "Grade A Medium Amber", a classification no longer used.)
  • Dark Robust - Dark amber color, strong maple flavor. Also very popular table syrup. (The webmistress' favorite)

Syrup Grades: colors

Glass cabin

Glass Cabin
Small 1.7 oz. — $8
Large 8.45 oz. — $14

Glass Maple Leaf

Glass Maple Leaf
Small 1.7 oz. — $8
Large 8.45 oz. — $16

Cooking with Maple Syrup

Official maple Cookbook: cover photo Need more recipes than we have here on site? Try The Official Vermont Maple Cookbook, published by the Vermont Maple Foundation.

This convenient, 64-page book holds over 70 recipes, from classic Vermont Baked Beans to a fabulous Pork Loin with Maple/Cider Sauce, to a Maple Crème Brulée (a favorite of the website updater).

Book alone: $7
Purchased with syrup (any size): $4

We recommend buying at least a pint of syrup, in order to have enough for several recipes.

Free shipping! (More details on our home page)


The Field Farm
P.O. Box 124, East Middlebury, Vermont, 05740, U.S.A.
Tel/Fax 802-388-7575 / Toll Free 1-888-320-6323
E-mail: sales@

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